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Anchor Treatment Centre Services

What We Offer

We offer comprehensive and integrated treatment programmes involving
  • A Four Session Assessment Process
  • Primary Treatment
  • Family Support for Concerned Persons
  • Continuing Care Programme for those who have completed the above Programmes.
  • Individual and Couple Counselling
  • Holistic Therapy including Reflexology, Massage, Aricular (ear) Acupuncture for Detox, Withdrawal and Stress management.
  • Education Programmes for interested groups.
Clients who attend the centre will in all cases be treated with dignity and respect. The Centre also expects that clients will respect staff, other clients, property premises and honour any commitments agreed with the centre.

  • Don't suffer in silence
  • If nothing changes, nothing changes
  • Recovery is possible
  • You alone can do it but -
                        you can't do it alone